VS Winchester PP ISS PFS-2


The Winchester PFS-2 ISS Model is the Bee's Knee's of Bodyboarding technology & performance. It takes all the features of the Winchester PFS-2 & also adds the ISS II Stringer system so a rider can not only have the best board but can tweak it to suit their own style of riding & types of waves they ride. The Winchester PFS ISS is the best board that has ever been made.

Dave Winchester has brought his style, versatilty & all round talent to VS. Winny has created this model for the those after the top shelf version of his template in Parabolic core & ISS Technology . Dave has a legion of fans through his explosive & elegant wave riding. This model is a great choice if you dream of riding like Winny one day.

CORE: Parabolic Gen 2 PFS Core Kinetic Polypro Core
Kinetic Polypro Core is a state of the art engineered bodyboard core. A lightweight core that is fusion formed to create a nucleus that delivers incredible flexural properties, including instant recoil, added projection, enhanced longitudinal stiffness & awesome compression strength. 100% waterproof
Interchangeable Stinger System™ - This board Includes ISS Base Flex Stringer (equivalent to a standard stringer in flex) & ISS Key.
ISS™ Stringers can be instantly changed simply by using the ISS™ Key to unscrew
the current stringer, remove and replace with your desired stringer, Its that easy. A range of different flex ISS™ Stringers is available to give
you the perfect setup no matter the wave, size, conditions or style of riding. Now you can create a quiver of boards by just changing stringers to cover the full spectrum of a riders flex requirements.
DECK: Wavecushion 8lb PE
SLICK: Surlyn by DuPont
TAIL: Crescent Tail
ADDITIONAL FEATURES: Parabolic Flex System, Winchesetr Deck Contour, React Mesh, Graduated Channels, Nose and Tail Armour Bull, Slick Grips, 55/45 Double Rails, CNC Shaped, Buzz Tech Lamination


Black Deck// Black Pinline// Black Rails// Yellow Slick
Black Deck// Black Pinline// Black Rails// Orange Slick

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