VS Houston PP ISS PFS-2


The Houston  PFS-2 ISS Model is the Bee's Knee's of Bodyboarding technology & performance. It takes all the features of the Houston PFS-2 & also adds the ISS II Stringer system so a rider can not only have the best board but can tweak it to suit their own style of riding & types of waves they ride. The Winchester PFS ISS is the best board that has ever been made.

Jared Houston is VS's latest signing. The current world champ is one of the most exciting wave riders on the planet with all the moves & style to match.

CORE: Parabolic Gen 2 PFS Core
Kinetic Polypro Core is a state of the art engineered bodyboard core. A lightweight core that is fusion formed to create a nucleus that delivers incredible flexural properties, including instant recoil, added projection, enhanced longitudinal stiffness & awesome compression strength. 100% waterproof
PARABOLIC FLEX SYSTEM: NMD's 2nd generation Parabolic Flex system now features a one piece 1.9lb Kinetic Polypro Core, integrated with Divinylcell vertical foam beams for increased strength while reducing overall board weight. The new PFS design still enables the outer rail profiles to flex at a different rate to that of the central core, allowing the rails to contort in the wave face for optimum edge control, The increaed stiffness of the central core maintains a more streamlined profile for unrivalled board speed.  With the NMD Parabolic Flex system you can have the best of both worlds
DECK: Wavecushion 8lb PE
SLICK: Surlyn by DuPont
TAIL: Crescent Tail
ADDITIONAL FEATURES: Parabolic Flex System, Houston Deck Contour, React Mesh, Graduated Channels, Nose and Tail Armour, Bull Slick Grips, 55/45 Double Rails, CNC Shaped, Buzz Tech Lamination.

Black Deck// Black Pinline// Black Rails// Electric Blue Slick
Aqua Blue Deck// Black Pinline// Black Rail// Black Slick

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