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The Pocket (Control) : Optimise performance where the energy converges "in the pocket of the wave"
This highly maneuverable yet super responsive shape allows for optimal performance/feel in the "pocket, the critical energy zone of a wave.
Accelerate at will, the Pocket smoothly transitions from rail to rail and effortlessly links moves together.
This is the right board for hitting sections tight to the pocket. Easily launch out of the bowl with your favourite move or throw caution to the wind and try for something new.
This template is all about being in control of your board as well as maneuvering in and around the pocket.

CORE: Polyethylene (PE) Core
PE Core is the original Bodyboard Core, offering flex & resilience. Best suited for colder waters or those riders wanting a bit more flex.
STRINGER: 2 x Rex Stringer
DECK: CellCushion 8lb PE

RAILS: 55/45 Double Rails
TAIL: Crescent Tail
ADDITIONAL FEATURES: Contoured Deck (Raised Elbow Pads, Elbow Locks & Hiplocks) Slotted Channels, Nose Bulbs, Screened Deck/ Slick Print


Length Nose Width NTWP Tail Thickness
41" 11 5/8" 20 5/8" 18" 17 1/4" 55mm
42" 11 7/8" 21 1/8" 18 1/2" 17 7/8" 56mm
43" 12 1/4" 21 5/8" 19" 18 3/8" 57mm
44" 12 1/2" 22 1/8" 19 1/4" 19 7/8" 58mm

Note: All measurements are taken at outside of rail. * NTWP = Nose to Wide Point

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