NMD Ben Player Flex


The FLEX Model was created and introduced in the 2016/17 season. Our idea for this model was to create a board which gave riders a plastic and ergonomic feel
when riden, but which also could be used as an elite performance craft. Extensive testing gave us a board which was received with open arms by the bodyboarding community.

The FLEX features two EXT Stringers in a Sealed Air 2.4 PCF Ethaform PE Core, thermo-fused between a premium grade Surlyn bottom slick skin and 8lb NXL PE decking.

3 x World Champion Ben Player has done everything the world of bodyboarding has to offer. He is constantly pushing the realms of what this sport is capable of achieving.
Ben has designed this board for those who want the very best board model with greater speed, recoil & projection key.
You can be sure you're riding world champion stock when you pick up an with the BP stamp on it

This is what Ben has to say about his model:
"In surfing I am constantly trying to refine my surfing. Every wave I catch and every section that I hit has been an opportunity for betterment.
This season of NMD boards is a representation of this with and 25 years of refinement I have made the template that I think is the best that can be made.
It's straight so it's easy to gain and maintain speed and the cores are second to none for any condition.
These two factors combine to give you a versatile and elite wave riding vehicle that I am proud to put my name to."

CORE: Sealed Air 2.4 Extruded PE Core
PE Core is the original Bodyboard Core, offering flex & resilience. Best suited for colder waters (due to open cell design) of those wanting more flex.
STRINGER: 2x EXT Stringers 

DECK: 8lb NXL PE Deck
SLICK: Surlyn Slick by DuPont
TAIL: Crescent
ADDITIONAL FEATURES: BP Signature Template, React Mesh, BP Traxion Line Contour, 
Graduated Channels, 55/45 Double rails,
XFL Nose & Tail Armour, Bull Grips
Hand Finished, CNC Shaped, Buzz Tech Lamination

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