Gyroll Variable Leash - All Colours


The new revolutionary "Variables" arm strap is the perfect fitting leash regardless if your destination is in the tropics in trunks or in a thick wetsuit, the variables strap will fit equally well. The Dual Buckle means this is a perect fit for anyone & can adjusted to used a a writst or bicep leash. The Dual Buckle also offers a back up if one of the buckles breaks in big surf saving you a swim to the beach.
Combined with the original Gyroll coil which is still the most compact, functional leash on the market. The Unique Compact spiral design keeps the Gyroll totally out of the way while riding & paddling. Constructed from the finest parts & materials one could fins. Gyroll's cord is made of a solid one piece material with no plastic joints or seams to break. No other leash on the market offers the same level of comfort, quality, design, construction, durability & functionality.

One Size fits all!

Double Buckle

The Unique compact spiral cord is never in your way.

Single One piece moulded fusion urethane...No glue, seams or joints.

Constructed from the most durable and reliable materials.

Marine grade swivels, double at both cuff and plug ends.

**All colours subject to availability 

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